Derbyshire Broadband

We are Derbyshire Broadband, a part of Derbyshire Communications Ltd. Our goal is simply to deliver a reliable and fast internet connection that our customers can depend on. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and ability to deliver a cutting edge service to all of our clients.

The company began selling affordable internet connections in Alfreton in 2010 through our own network which doesn’t rely upon the BT infrastructure. The end result of this being no need for a land line, or line rental.

In 2017 we joined with the community group which had started in the Glossop area. Since then, we have installed a wireless network spanning the Peak District and surrounding areas which is constantly expanding. Our network is more than capable of providing connections with speeds of 1Gbit/s directly to your door, simply put, the service you sign up for is the service that you will receive come day or night, rain or shine.

This means that there is no need to wait for fibre optic broadband to be installed in your area which could leave you waiting for a very long time.