Commercial Broadband

Our commercial broadband runs on a separate network to our residential services. If you need “off the shelf” broadband we offer the following services within our coverage area;

  • Basic – 10Mbit/s Download, 10Mbit/s Upload – £55 PCM
  • Intermediate – 25Mbit/s Download, 10Mbit/s Upload – £125 PCM
  • Pro – 50Mbit/s Download, 20Mbit/s Upload – £200 PCM

We also offer bespoke services ranging from 1Mbit/s – 100Mbit/s on our in house designed, license free network and 1Mbit/s – 2Gbit/s on our Licensed network.

Our core commercial offering is our custom built data centre fed into our corporate network with its own dedicated microwave links. This is equipped with a dedicated grid power supply, two UPS units feeding separate PDU systems and a 72 Hour generator, all commercial network components are also fed with 72 Hour UPS units which are monitored 24/7.

Our data centre also boasts an automated redundant server pool, this will turn servers on as load increases on the racks providing Cloud Access and Virtual Services.

We consider this the perfect solution to a modern problem. Bandwidth is very expensive on the internet, we can offer 1000Mbps data centre connections with a 20Mbps internet connection, as our internal network costs considerably less than paying for conventional leased lines. You could connect 10 offices within our network all with SIP lines running from our data centre, and only outbound calls will need to hit the internet. We also offer a virtual Domain Controller within our cloud rack, making big infrastructure purchases a thing of the past.

Each side of the network is fully variable, you may choose between 1Mbit/s and 2Gbit/s of internet connectivity and 1Mbit/s and 2Gbit/s of private data centre connectivity.

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